Award-Winning Stress Relief from Stress Reduction Expert Susie Mantell

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"2021 Best Audiobooks: Nonfiction" —Ben Franklin Award

In Praise of the 1st Edition

– Publishers Weekly

– Library Journal

– Audie Awards

175,000 Copies Sold


Used in: The Mayo Clinic, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, The Betty Ford Center, Hazelden, etc.
The Coca-Cola Company appointed Susie Mantell to their 4-person “Dasani Wellness Team”


“Peace for you alone… Is your greatest wish for peace on earth? Mantell takes listeners on a gentle journey, effortlessly floating worries and stress away.”
The Los Angeles Times (Health Section)

“As Good As It Gets” Issue
Town & Country Magazine

“Great, healthy gift! Soothing voice and blissful music!”
Ladies Home Journal

“Highly recommended, and hospital libraries may be particularly interested. Mantell has produced an excellent program… effectively uses her voice, pacing, music to help the audience achieve a state of relaxation. Further, she takes the listeners deeper into the process to show them how they can achieve a more positive and healthy life as they move out of meditation and into the world.”
Library Journal

“For anyone tense from the stress of modern life… a wonderful way to relax. Soft, lovely music, warm, soothing voice helps the listener achieve a peaceful, relaxed state and feel refreshed and rested afterward.”

“Susie Mantell’s voice surrounds nerve endings like salve. Don’t ask how. It just does. Here’s help for back spasms, headaches, sleeplessness — You name it!”
The Rocky Mountain News

“For anyone who leads a particularly stress-filled life (and it seems we all do these days). Peaceful imagery gently guides listeners into a calm, meditative state.”
Weight Watchers Magazine

(At the Holidays) “Most of us are more strung out than the lights on our trees. It’s time we stuff our stockings with “Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace.” Relax, release, renew the spirit.”
Fort Worth Star Telegram


“The stress-relief program you presented for our staff surely was a pleasure. One thing I heard repeatedly was how “real” you were in conveying the information. You made it accessible, fun to hear and do, and really responded to the needs of the group. The staff felt heard, seen and cared for. It was great to see everyone laughing together…”
Canyon Ranch Medical, Health & Healing Dept., Demie Stathoplos, Executive Director

“In my work as a psychological trauma specialist, I am always looking for tools that can be used to help people to manage their stress and anxiety. “Your Present: A Half Hour of Peace” is extremely well done and effective in helping to reduce stress. I will certainly recommend it to my clients.”
Workplace Trauma Center Worldwide Training/Response, Richard Ottenstein, Ph.D., Trauma Expert

“Excellent. Relaxed, peaceful, energizing! The perfect half-hour each day we all need.”
N.Y.U. Medical Center, Stephen G. Rothstein, M.D., Surgeon

“Superb relaxation narration. Well-made to facilitate any comprehensive pain program.”
The American Pain Society, John D. Loeser M.D., Professor of Neurosurgery & Anesthesiology

“It was evident that attendees at your presentation in our Mind-Body Connection Symposium found it both informative and enjoyable. I look forward to working with you again soon.”
The Arthritis Foundation,Teresa Davis, Program Manager

“You are the greatest! We keep copies on the oncology, burn and transplant units, and in our patient library.
Brigham & Womens Hospital, Mary Louise Corradino

“Excellent…I have studied meditation with Jonas Salk, am very familiar with Herbert Benson’s “Relaxation Response” and I found Mantell’s approach very effective. The process flows evenly and indeed, one is carried along into the state of relaxation that is so beneficial.”
The Strang Cancer Prevention Center, Daniel G. Miller, M.D., President

“Your tapes provide significant help for patients with pain and anxiety, and create an environment for healing.”
US. Dept. of Veterans Admin. Critical Care Med. Center, Vicki Heggen, RN, MSN

“Thank you for speaking at our Women’s Health Symposium. We look forward to your participation in the years to come.”
New York Presbyterian Medical Center (Columbia/Cornell)

“Deeply moving! Wonderful for developing compassion toward the self!”
Center for Eating Disorder Recovery, Judy Scheel, D.S.W., B.C.D., Clinical Director

“You help people living with cancer to focus on Possibilities.”
White Plains Hospital Center, Kathy Duffy, RN, Oncology Nurse Manager

“The experience was wonderful — incredibly soothing. I have invited Susie back again and again to speak to our oncology staff. Many of them use her techniques to this day, and I highly recommend Susie’s work.”
White Plains Hospital Center, Sue Kenny, Staff Development

“In today’s hectic world…journey to higher planes, previously unreachable without years of training!”
Cardiologist, Michael Silver, M.D., FACP, FACC

“Therapeutic implications abound here for pain & stress management, insomnia, overall wellness!
Diagnostic Pain & Movement Center, Barbara Gordon-Cohen, D.O., Medical Director

“Finally! Powerful, affordable at-home care I can offer my patients! Nourishing… gently restoring balance.”
Chiropractor/ Kinesiologist, David Klein, D.C.

“Used pre-operatively, Mantell’s CD creates a state of relaxation that quite possibly can lessen post-operative problems.”
Dentist — Gary Markovits, B.S., D.D.S., F.A.G.D.

“The voice is liquid, instilled with a uniquely personal quality of compassion.”
Acupuncturist, Charles LaBarre, L.Ac.

“Thank you so much for returning to Canyon Ranch in Lenox for another highly successful engagement. Your “Power Relaxation for Healthy Sleep,” was invaluable to our guests. Your combination of professionalism and sincerity create a uniquely positive healing environment in your sessions. We look forward to future engagements.”
Canyon Ranch Health Resorts, Sarah Blexrud

“Mantell opens doors to the soul, and light comes pouring in. My patients love her work!”
Chairman of the Board of The NY Chiropractic Council, Bob Hoffman, D.C.

“It was gratifying to see our patients enthusiastically engaged in the stress-reduction exercises you taught, laughing together, and then deeply relaxed during the meditation portion of your program. Your expertise in customizing seminars is particularly impressive. Your warm, approachable manner put even the most anxious of patients at ease. I look forward to working with you again soon.
Scarsdale Medical Group, Director of The Nutrition Program, Elizabeth DeRobertis, MS, RD, CDN, CDE

“I’m a caregiver for a man with Parkinson’s. Your CD’s the only thing that helps him to unwind. Thank you.”
Professional Longterm Caregiver, Betty Anne Crisanti

” I have just listened for the very first time to Susie Mantell’s “Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace” CD. I am a Psychotherapist by trade and I am always looking for materials and aids for my clients. Without a doubt this is the finest, most useful CD I have ever heard. Ms. Mantell’s soft soothing voice takes you away from all the hubbub of life and transports you inward to discover your authentic self. She introduces you to the inner power you possess to not only escape negativity, but to begin to create a whole new reality filled with hope. For this, I say “Thank You.” I shall visit there again and again.”
Psychotherapist, Anita Sellati


“Great corporate gift! A copy of her CD was included for each workshop participant, and word spread broadly throughout Remington. I highly recommend Susie and her unique gifts to anyone, especially those in high-stress corporate culture.”
Remington Products Personal Care Division, Ann T. Buivid, President

“Your tape is a great addition to our program! We give it to every participant. Thank you for presenting your outstanding stress management workshops in several of our witness advocacy programs. I know participants benefit greatly, and it was a pleasure to work with you.”
(for) Verizon Expert-Witness Advocacy Training, Joe Dwyer, Dwyer Associates

“Not only did you relieve our stress, but taught us ways to manage stress on our own.”
Citibank, N.A. Ann Mitrione, AVP

“Your seminars were very well-received by our guests. You were a delight to work with and I look forward to bringing your lovely personality and voice back next year!”
Canyon Ranch Health Resorts (“Best Spa” Conde Nast), Lesliann Furcht

“Thank you for speaking at Canyon Ranch last weekend. As usual, the comment cards were wonderful!”
Canyon Ranch Health Resorts (“Best Spa” Conde Nast), Cherie Vergin

Retailers & Listeners

“We just put it on the counter, and it sells every week!”
— Second Story Bookshop, Chappaqua, NY

“I am a two-year brain cancer survivor. I have gone through two brain surgeries, 25 days of radiation, and now on Chemotherapy. I was consumed with fatigue that was preventing me from having a good quality of life. The first time I listened to your CD, it had an immediate impact. Your tone of voice and clear message has helped me tremendously. I have shared this small miracle with many, and they all have experienced similar success. May God Bless you always, and continue to give you the wisdom and ability to help so many others”
Kevin D., Orlando FL

“Never before have I had the pleasure of dealing with a business who has been more cooperative, friendly, caring. You really bent over backwards, and your letter truly made my day!”
Sandra B., Paris TN

“I don’t know how I can possibly describe not only Susie Mantell’s voice, but the effect of her voice. It’s incredible. Her words of her narration are equally incredible. All my stress centralizes in my neck and shoulders. I remember one of my last thoughts before drifting off was “all the tension in my neck and shoulders is gone!” Before I was even aware of it, I was asleep. My thanks to Susie for her insight and talent to be able to produce such an extraordinary journey.”
Maureen J., Toronto, Canada

‘Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace’ is the best relaxation tape I have ever heard. I always tell customers that if they can only buy one audio, this is it! Beautiful packaging and real substance on the inside.”
Canyon Ranch Living Essentials (“Best Spa”), Alice Bergendorff, Buyer

“You are absolutely wonderful. Your e-mails lift my spirits, and your tape is GREAT! I get so totally relaxed, that I have never heard the whole tape. I just fall asleep! Thanks a million!”
Bill, Manchester, N.H.

“After trying, and not getting results from, numerous meditation and relaxation tapes, I finally found the absolute BEST one… yours! I just love it. It puts me into such a relaxed and happy state of mind. I listen to it once or even twice a day. It’s helped my severe anxiety tremendously. I’ll never stop listening to it!”
Susan, 55 y.o. homemaker

“We just put it on the counter, and it sells every week!”
Second Story Bookshop, Chappaqua, NY

“Christmas Eve I had surgery for a crushed disc after an accident. I was in incredible pain. When I had the surgery, I took the CD to the hospital and began listening to it in the recovery room and then in my hospital room. During my recovery, I continued to listen to it. The doctor said the disc was the worst he had seen and recommended I take off two months. Well, I went back to work part time on December 29, feeling great and working full time since Jan 2. I think your CD had a lot to do with my healing, and I still go to sleep with it every night. (I am in my fifties, so it sure was not my youth that caused the quick recovery!)”
Judith S.

“I wanted to let other people know how much I enjoy the CD. Every time I start to listen, I drift off to sleep. This CD is the best thing I have ever used to relieve stress and has worked like a miracle to help me relax!”
Jerry W., Shreveport, LA

“Your voice and music are balm to a troubled soul. Since my husband died, I have listened over and over again. Each time you’ve brought me peace, comfort and sleep.”
Joan B., Westchester, NY

“It’s like for half an hour somebody really nice is there with me pushing it all aside for awhile. School, life in general, and like it’s all gonna be okay. I love it!”
Erica B. Student, Age 17, Chappaqua, NY

“The doctor found my blood pressure to be normal. I feel it was because of your tape!”
Laura D., Harrison, NY

“I have now listened to it literally hundreds of times and never get tired of it… so tremendously affirmative, just like a dear friend. There isn’t anyone who won’t appreciate it and listen to it time and again.”
Caroline A., MA

“This program takes you where no mere slumber can. Five stars!”
Michael R., Japan

“I enjoy your CD almost every night. But I’ve never heard the whole thing! I always fall asleep in about 5-7 minutes. Your voice is so very soothing and it seems that it always addresses for me what I needed to hear that day. I wanted to thank you for the help in finding some Peace in my very stressful life”
L. De Marco

“This tape is such a relief! There’s something unique about Susie Mantell’s voice that I really bond with… so reassuring. My favorite time to listen to it is in bed. It really helps me drift off.”
Caroline H., Brooklyn, NY

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