About Stress Relief Expert Susie Mantell

"Mantell soothes nerve endings like salve. Don't ask how...she just does."
-Rocky Mountain News (Denver)

Award-winning stress management expert & author Susie Mantell...

is the bestselling author of, "Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace." An Amazon.com bestseller, listeners include The Mayo Clinic, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, The Betty Ford Center, renowned Canyon Ranch Health Resorts and men and women of all ages who could really use a great night’s sleep.

Narrated by the author with a voice described as "liquid," Mantell is often referred to as the calm within the storm. Like an easy chair, Mantell’s exquisitely soothing stress relief meditation carries listeners into soft, effortless relaxation. An oasis from a hectic schedule, or a prelude to deep, restful sleep, "Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace." is clinically approved to relieve symptoms associated with Stress and Sleeplessness, Depression, Anxiety and Pain, Long-Term and Chronic Illness, as well as Caregiver Fatigue, Work-Related and Post-Traumatic Stress.

An insightful speaker, imaginative and fun, Susie Mantell has customized stress reduction programs for clients including Citibank, Verizon, New York Hospital, Ford, AETNA, The Arthritis Foundation, Canyon Ranch, and National Cancer Survivors Day. The Coca-Cola Company named Mantell to their 4-person panel of experts, "The Dasani Wellness Team." Her multisensory mind-body stress management techniques have been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS TV and radio, and print media including The Los Angeles Times, Billboard, Marie Claire, Town & Country, Weight Watchers, Cosmopolitan and Playboy. Utilizing mindfulness, cognitive integrative techniques to prevent and release stress, enhance memory, clarity and focus, boost morale and overall well-being, Susie Mantell offers fresh perspectives and realistic tools applicable within individual belief systems and lifestyles. With experience in mind-body processes, energy medicine, mindfulness and various meditation practices, breath and body work, Mantell has also participated in shamanic healing.

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In Health Care...

Susie Mantell has facilitated thousands in relieving physical and emotional symptoms associated with stress-related illness, and illness-related stress. Frequently invited to address physicians, nurses, psychotherapists and patients at health-related conferences, she makes the clear distinction that she does not presume to Heal. "Healing is an inside job," Mantell suggests. What Susie Mantell does seem to be able to do is intuitively guide others toward the inner wisdom of the body-mind-spirit by reducing impediments associated with stress in its many forms. When people extol the benefits they find in her work, Mantell happily accepts 50% of the credit for the actual creation and presentation of her stress-reduction techniques, soothing audiobook and dynamic seminars. However, whatever inspiration, comfort and wellness listeners find, she gratefully attributes to "something greater" within and around us all, and to the unique gifts each participant brings to the experience. Susie Mantell also presents seminars for the prevention and release of Caregiver Stress, a phenomenon only truly understood by those who have lived it. (Mantell has, and does.) Offering fresh perspective and realistic, empowering tools to support wellness, her work is intended as an adjunct to, but not a substitute for, professional health care.

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In Corporate Culture...

Providing unique insight and expertise in assessing and addressing stress-reduction needs in individuals and systems, Susie Mantell customizes stress reduction programs to meet unique goals and objectives in a wide variety of contexts, from expert witness-training to team dynamics and conflict-resolution. Readily customizing on-the-spot techniques for individual workshop participants, Mantell's seminars offer immediate relief, as well as long-term strategies and practical hands-on techniques. These enhance performance, productivity and memory, boost energy and self-esteem, and promote overall health of individuals, and organizations. Workshop participants experience a variety of exercises designed to identify, monitor and mitigate harmful effects of stress. Extensive experience with nationally ranked Chappaqua, NY Public Schools renders her a compassionate and authoritative resource in human development, maximizing potential, and family systems. Mantell's professional expertise, personal integrity and intuitive ability to guide others toward inner balance, a sense of purpose and of peace, render her a trusted and respected resource among clients and colleagues.

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Fun Facts...

Susie Mantell is also an award-winning pop songwriter. Her work has been heard Off-Broadway and at Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall. TV/film credits include: "All My Children," "E! True Hollywood Story," "Maury Povich, "U.S. Marshals," "Entertainment Tonight," "Murphy Brown," "Punk'd," "Another World," and "The Guiding Light," with Cantonese translations on pop charts in Hong Kong. Her voice-overs have been heard on TV and radio ranging from "Parents' Magazine Health Tips" to "Freddie Kruger's Tales of Terror"... and the voice of a laughing daisy!

A Word About "Miracles..."

Mantell believes they aren't as rare as some might think, and that exquisite Possibilities surround us every day. “If it required a bolt of lightning to catch my attention,” smiles Mantell, “I'd have missed millions of wondrous, everyday sparkles while I was hanging out waiting to be impressed. The gifts each of us is given are the easy part. It is unwrapping until we find them that can be challenging.” Susie Mantell facilitates that discovery.

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